Whoopi Freaks, Cuts Show Off As Omarosa’s ‘New Trump Tape’ Proves Hillary’s [email protected] news

She hyped the tape of President Donald Trump, saying, “It will show him rambling, incoherent.” Whoopi was salivating, so excited as the tape started, but then, it went all wrong.

The tape clearly incriminates Hillary Clinton, causing Goldberg to freak out and cut off the show.

Omarosa can kiss goodbye whatever little fame she was seeking with her bogus tell-all book called “Unhinged: An Insider’s Account of the Trump White House.” According to Manigault Newman, a new tape proves Trump is “mentally unstable.” That’s the line she used on The View this morning.

She pumped up this tape like it would be proof positive Trump doesn’t know what he is doing.

Daily Mail reports, “Newman said the tape was from an October 2017 meeting of the press shop that Trump allegedly crashed.

Omarosa claimed Trump “crashed” the meeting, but the tape does not prove that at all.

In October 2017, no one has any hard proof yet, so what the president reveals in this tape proves he was way ahead of the curve.

I want to get this right.” Omarosa thinks she has got Trump with this tape, which proves she has got to be the biggest idiot on this planet.

Finally, after she rambles on, trashing Trump and painting him as a complete dunce, the tape rolls.

Here is the transcript which is a discussion about Hillary’s campaign paying her law firm “Perkins Coie” for the bogus “Trump-Russia dossier,” which is called the phony report on the tape:

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