What’s She Hiding? Kavanaugh Accuser Hasn’t Turned Over Lie Detector Test – Now We Know [email protected] news

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Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s lawyer Beth Wilkinson went on CUB News on Wednesday morning.

Wilkinson disclosed to CBS the legal counselors for Dr. Portage have not turned over the aftereffects of her lie finder test or her specialist’s notes to the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Christine Ford is planned to affirm under vow before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday morning.

Note the main inquiry by liberal columnist Nora O’Donnell:

Nora O’Donnell: Is the proof mounting against your customer?

Beth Wilkinson: No, I wouldn’t state that, Nora. As you most likely are aware those are proclamations that were made generally as of late and unfortunately this is a charge from very nearly 36 years prior. Furthermore, there was at the time no report which is justifiable.

Be that as it may, the first run through these charges became visible to the extent we know from perusing the reports in the media, Dr. Portage disclosed to her advisor and revealed to her better half. They reported that there were notes and there was a lie indicator test however as I comprehend it they didn’t turn any of those over to the senate board of trustees despite the fact that they were asked.

In this way, the data that would have indicated what she said at the specific first time when she uncovered these claims have not been swung over to the senate.

Goodness my.

By means of CBS This Morning and Jack Posobiec:

For the record… Nora O’Donnell was one of more than 60 liberal journalists who was secretly meeting with the Hillary Clinton battle before the 2016 decision.

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