WHAT’S HE HIDING!? Obama Throws Huge Fit If His New Contract Demands Are Released

Barack Obama is known for making very large sums when he speaks. He also travels in style and has heavy security, which you would expect for an ex-president. But as far as transparency goes… well, just as in his presidency, it leaves a lot to be desired.

Obama is scheduled to visit and speak in Denmark. His representatives are now threatening to cancel the visit at a Denmark university if details of his speaking contract are made public. Exactly, what is he hiding? This is akin to Obama throwing a huge fit if his contract demands are revealed.

Transparent this is not and Twitter ran with it mocking Obama for it. He’s scheduled to participate in a moderated question and answer session on Sept. 28 at the University of Southern Denmark before local business leaders, university students, and local dignitaries, according to Business Kolding, the event’s organizer. It is by invitation only.

The citizens of Denmark’s Kolding Municipality, which is paying Obama $117,000 for this event, are enraged over this. That’s taxpayer funds that are being used for a behind-doors event entitled, “A Conversation with President Barack Obama.” I can’t say I blame them in the least for being upset over this. It emerged separately that the university that will host the gathering would also provide one million kroner (roughly $155,000

But even Pedersen has been kept in the dark by the event’s organizers over what this is really costing in order to host Obama’s bloviating, socialist love-fest. I wonder if the press will be allowed in? I highly doubt it.

When local media was asked for more information, Business Kolding stated that the Obama team would nix the event immediately if details surrounding his speaking contract were released to the public. Well, somebody has something to hide it would appear.

News outlet JydskeVestkyn is estimating Obama will pull in at least $312,000 for his part in the event. The University of Southern Denmark seems to think that Obama’s visit will “boost” the university’s prestige. I highly doubt that.

“SDU is an international university with a strong vision. We wish to break down barriers and mold the future. We are convinced that President Barack Obama’s visit will give us a tremendous boost,” said Henrik Dam, the university’s vice-chancellor. With all due respect, that is a fool’s delusional dream.

“As a regional player, this is a unique opportunity for us to support an exceptional event here in the Region of Southern Denmark. It is an event that in every possible way promotes SDU’s strategic goals of being an international university, enabling every talent and encouraging the exceptional,” added pro-vice-chancellor Bjarne Graabech Sørensen.

Obama’s office does not seem to be forthcoming with a comment over all of this. Gee, I’m so not surprised.

Kolding is facing a deficit of 100 million kroner or over $15.5 million in next year’s budget. Ouch. And here comes the town’s mayor, Jørn Pedersen, who is justifying this as a marketing opportunity for the town. Right.

“At this event, current and future leaders will have an opportunity to experience President Obama first hand. Everyone can expect to be inspired. And we have every reason to be proud,” Kolding Mayor Jørn Pedersen said. Proud of what? Spending the people’s hard-earned tax money on a Marxist? There’s nothing to be proud of here.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Katlyn

    September 17, 2018 at 3:39 pm

    This university thinks that by having Obama there to speak will boost their enrollment. NOT. THINK AGAIN

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