WATCH: Actor Mario Lopez Shares Baptism At Jordan River: ‘I Have Decided to Follow Jesus’@maryland news

A week ago, performing artist and TV have Mario Lopez shared his profoundly held Christian confidence with the world, posting a video of his immersion in the Jordan River.

On an outing to Israel, Lopez visited heavenly destinations and shared his encounters through internet based life. In one video post, the family man remained close to the Sea of Galilee.

“This is the place Jesus strolled on water,” said Lopez, “and the River Jordan keeps running into the ocean, and that is the place, obviously, Jesus got sanctified through water, which I’m going to do!”

In another post paving the way to the immersion, the “Additional” have stated, “We are at the Jordan River where John the Baptist purified through water Jesus Christ. I’m going to get purified through water.”

“It’s a delightful day. There’s an extremely cool Catholic minister that is going to do me the distinctions. What’s more, there’s a message going on this moment. So I will join these fine people and afterward, bam! It’s on!”

Flanked by two Catholic clerics in the waterway, Lopez was gotten some information about his confidence before being dunked in the water.

After Lopez was absolved, sightseers from Romania sang, “I have chosen to pursue Jesus.”

“Much thanks to you,” Lopez stated, leaving the stream. “Wonderful individuals here. This is amazing. Goodness. I just got purified through water in the Jordan River. Glory be.”

“That was amazing, that was so cool and I was so lucky to meet these extremely pleasant individuals from Romania. They sang the tune for me and everything. That was moving. That was cool,” proceeded with the on-screen character.

Lopez has been open about his developing Christian confidence, telling a Fox News associate in 2015 that he’s attempted “to construct a more profound muscle.”

“It’s decent to have something that is predictable in our life — family and confidence is that for me,” he said.

The sincere Catholic has kept on posting about his otherworldly voyage through the Holy Land. Here are a few features:

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