WALSH: The FBI Must Now Investigate Christine Ford. Here’s [email protected] news

The FBI has finished its examination concerning Brett Kavanaugh and it looks as though the illegitimately denounced judge might be en route to a Senate affirmation. Ideally, for him and his family, the bad dream will before long be finished.

Obviously, Democrats are unsatisfied with the FBI’s discoveries on the grounds that the FBI discovered nothing. They need another examination. On that point, I really concur with them. When Kavanaugh is formally affirmed, maybe there ought to be another examination — an examination concerning Christine Ford, her lawyers, and Senate Democrats. There is a lot of smoke to show this was every one of the an exceptionally organized political hit work. On the off chance that it was — in reality, if there was any coordination whatsoever, in any shape — then this would be one of the immense outrages in American political history.

How about we survey the proof that possibly indicates something vile:

1) Leland Keyser, the (previous, I’m expecting) companion of Christine Ford who denied regularly going to the gathering she depicted or notwithstanding knowing Brett Kavanaugh by any stretch of the imagination, now reports that she was compelled to change, or “return to,” her declaration. Who supposedly did the compelling? None other than Monica McLean, the resigned FBI specialist and companion of Ford who, as indicated by Ford’s ex, had been instructed by Ford on the most proficient method to breeze through a lie finder test. At the point when the ex at first recounted that story, it was expected that McLean was only an irregular companion. Presently we discover that she has been profoundly included this entire time.

2) Christine Ford has declined to turn over her treatment notes or any of the documentation from her polygraph test. On the off chance that she is coming clean, these materials would be colossally critical proof to support her. On the off chance that she isn’t coming clean, these materials may demolish her case and, at any rate, open her up to prevarication charges. The way that she won’t turn over the proof appears to demonstrate that it falls into the last class, not the previous.

3) There is still a great deal of disarray encompassing the manner by which these assertions were first announced and afterward made open. Democrats thought about Ford for a little while yet kept it mystery. What were they doing meanwhile? For what reason did they hold up so long? What amount of correspondence was there among Ford and Democrats? What was the substance of that correspondence? The mystery is suspicious and ought to be investigated by government agents.

4) Chuck Grassley sent a letter to Ford’s lawyer the previous evening, requesting the third time that any applicable archives be turned over. The last section of his letter is extremely intriguing:

I encourage you indeed, now for the third time in composing, to turn over the treatment notes, polygraph materials, and correspondences with The Washington Post that Dr. Portage has depended upon as proof. Notwithstanding the proof I asked for in my October 2 letter, in light of as of late revealed data, kindly turn over records and depictions of immediate or aberrant interchanges between Dr. Passage or her agents and any of the accompanying: (1) U.S. Congresspersons or their staffs, especially the workplaces of Senators Feinstein and Hirono, other than your interchanges with me and my staff in anticipation of the September 27 hearings; (2) the supposed observers recognized by Dr. Passage (Leland Keyser, Mark Judge, and Patrick “P.J.” Smyth); and (3) Debbie Ramirez, Julie Swetnick, or their delegates.

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