obamas political comeback comes to sudden halt after air force officer exposes nasty secret maryland

Surrendered Air Power Capt. Joni Marquez, an extremely composed officer, is describing the account about how Barack Obama understood the passings of 38 troopers in Afghanistan in what was the deadliest ambush on Navy SEALS in U.S. record.

This information and facts will come six a long time following the disaster occurred.

In perspective of Marquez, experienced Obama not exchanged off the prosperity of such SEALS, inside an Ill effort and steady work to guarantee lives of Muslim dread based oppressors, these American warriors would even now be alive now.

The strike on these warriors happened in on August 6, 2011. On that day Marquez and her gathering had been secured on their AC-one hundred thirty gunship, each time they ended up encouraged To take an enthusiasm inside a mission that she called “Basically like a 9-one-1 sort of a condition.”

As per a report in Circa:

The gunship was asked for to fly close in air help in advance said Afghanistan’s risky Tangi Valley, in Wardak Province, supporting troops with the military’s 75th Ranger Regiment who ended up getting the opportunity to be released on by eight fundamentally outfitted Taliban fanatics.

The Rangers experienced got for assault helicopters to interface the enemy hiding Among the various unpleasant valley. The air weapons collect shot inside the Taliban contenders, notwithstanding the way that few out of every odd one of the radicals were butchered as at first considered.

As per Marquez, what ought to have been a get mission of getting out dread based oppressors never occurred, as Obama’s officers by no means whatsoever, gave the gunship agree to fireside on them.

Marquez clarified, “We experienced saw two of [the insurgents] trading, crawling faraway from the area, as to no doubt not make an entire marvelous plan of scene.” Marquez by then communicated to the base expert, “You may have two foe controls that are so far alive,” she stated. “Endorsement to have association.”

Marquez was never shown the approval of time to attract, engaging the two mental activists to get missing.

Marquez and her social affair by then took after the foe guerillas, looking went to your town, decisively where they stimulated extra dread based oppressors to oblige them in their fight.

Over the range of this time, a CH-forty seven Chinook helicopter, with the decision hail Extortion seventeen, was procured the firefight.

Finally, a rocket-introduced dangerous from the Taliban warrior associated Along with the Chinook, sending the helicopter into a plummeting winding, which executed each of the 38 individuals who were being ready.

Seventeen from the setbacks have been Navy SEALs.

Marquez worried, “In the occasion that we’d’ve been allowed to attract that night, we would’ve taken out All those two Gentlemen immediately”

Marquez’s record of that annoying working day has for a long while been affirmed with the Inspector Typical of your Defense Department, inside a best key report that was Earlier settled.

Had Obama not manufactured changes towards the U.S. furnished power’s frameworks of duty in 2009, reasonably giving need on the life of Muslim mental activists around the life of yankee troopers, it is likely that this catastrophe may have been prevented.

It is extremely Marzuez’s desire that her Tale will probably be partaken so as to reveal reality about what happened that night. She needs our maritime power’s headings of pledge to wind up changed and she or he guesses this could be Portion of an arrangement to play out that.

Marquez stated, “I received’t loosening up until the point that the moment that some sort of value is served, verily of both, you think about, the general population that were accountable for that night, for procuring Individuals calls, occur ahead and are immediate over it… “



  1. Claudia

    September 22, 2018 at 1:55 pm

    We know he was never a president, he always was fake never was put here to help America he was put hereto destroy America and the military and our people . he is not a citizen he can not and will ever begin politics again

  2. Maydell Harper

    September 22, 2018 at 2:19 pm

    So glad someone told the truth about him.

  3. Surii Gomez

    September 22, 2018 at 5:47 pm

    Sounds very much like the Traitor obama is. His brotherhood Muslim roots come n formost first. Even giving them billions of taxpayers money. Money that he didn’t put no sweat for it.

  4. Lee Russell. SSG Arthur Lee Russell

    September 23, 2018 at 10:08 am

    Some how this doesn’t surprise me. It’s amazing how much he covered up. How much any high ranking official has lied or covered up, just to cover their ass or public standings. Makes me want to puke.!
    Its s shame it involved deaths of our navy soldiers, may they rest in peace.
    Things were different in my time of service.
    But still thought of politicians and generals and the POTUS then his from the public and soldiers.
    U.S ARMY 1ST/ 23TH CAV. Stands Proud tje best I can. Check isn’t cashed !!

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