Maxine Busted For ‘Illegal Dealings’ As Trump Supporters Make Her Cry Like A [email protected] news

It’s looking rather bleak for Congresswoman Maxine Waters after the California Democrat got blindsided by some incredibly bad news.

Maxine Waters is in the hot seat over the various ways she raises money and the money she has paid to her daughter.

Over the past 14 years, her campaign committee, Citizens for Waters, has paid about $750,000 to Waters’ daughter, Karen Waters, or her daughter’s PR firm, Progressive Connections, according to the Washington Free Beacon.

Karen Waters has been on the payroll of her mother’s campaign committee, Citizens for Waters, since 2006.

Karen oversees a gravy-chain operation called “slate mailers,” also known as “endorsement mailers.” The slate mailer operation is a front, where an established politician like Maxine Waters gets paid to endorse a political candidate, then gives the kickbacks to her daughter and calls it “campaign expenses.” “The conservative National Legal and Policy Center is still drafting a second broader complaint focusing on the sources of money going to the Waters campaign and flowing to her daughter — and the accuracy of campaign finance reports,” said Tom Anderson, director of the group’s government integrity project.

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