KAVANAUGH WITCH-HUNT JUST BACKFIRED: They’re Now “Voting All Red” For “First Time Ever”@maryland news

After Thursday’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearings where Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and Judge Brett Kavanaugh both had an opportunity to be heard after Ford’s wild, 36-year-old, uncorroborated allegations of claimed rape against Kavanaugh the entire country perceived how Democrat Senators grinned and plotted among one another so as to spread Kavanagh and thus give a bruised eye to President Trump.

However, as 100percent FedUp is detailing, what happened is that as opposed to starting up the left to go out and vote blue, they may have let go them up to go out and vote red.

It would appear that the Democrats may have at long last exaggerated their hand and influenced individuals to escape from their positions after the failure that was the Ford declaration where she wasn’t even certain in the event that she had paid for a polygraph test? Truly?

Here is more on this fiasco via Fox News:

“The disorganized begin to Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s affirmation hearing was facilitated from the best by Democratic legislators who needed to slow down the Supreme Court designation process in the midst of dissensions about access to records.

Kavanaugh returns before the Senate Judiciary Committee Wednesday for the beginning of formal addressing. He has conveyed just his opening explanation up until now, vowing Tuesday to be an “unbiased and fair-minded referee” in the wake of persevering through a morning and evening of rankling proclamations from Democrats cautioning about the ramifications of his potential affirmation. A considerable lot of those Democrats more than once attempted to protest, delay and even dismiss the hearing in the midst of solicitations for more archives and more opportunity to audit the documents they had.

Senate Minority Whip Dick Durbin, D-Ill., appeared to recognize the show was composed when asked by GOP Sen. Thom Tillis amid Tuesday’s listening ability to react to reports that Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., drove a telephone bring over the occasion end of the week talking about dissent designs.

Durbin said “there was a telephone meeting yesterday,” where “numerous issues were raised.”

He said this included worries that “more than 100,000 archives identified with Judge Kavanaugh had been described by the executive of the board as panel classified” and inquiries of whether the advisory group ought to hear the chosen one “without access to essential data about his open record.”

The Supreme Court has rejected Schumer’s ask for the hearing to be postponed, yet what amount of sense does his demand really make? Lisa Boothe and Charlie Kirk join The Next Revolution to examine.

Politico, refering to anonymous sources, revealed that Democrats talked about going considerably more remote than their procedure of fast fire interruptions. As per the report, they considered organizing a mass walkout amid the affirmation hearing.

However, the gathering’s best administrators at last ruled against such a strategy, to some degree dreading the reaction from a made-for-TV minute would just encourage the Republican Party, and hinder any odds to stop the designation of Kavanaugh, the report said.

The thought of such a radical move uncovered a split between the gathering’s more liberal wing, who wish to stop the affirmation of Kavanaugh by all methods essential, and more senior Democrats, who trust the selection ought to be crushed just by following principles and standards.

The Democrats at last went to a trade off – a troublesome and tumultuous hearing, Politico announced.

More youthful Democrats, for example, California Sen. Kamala Harris, commandeered Tuesday’s listening ability nearly when it began and encouraged the advisory group to postpone the hearing in the midst of challenges by liberal activists, some of whom were captured.

Harris got applaud for her insubordination of the chamber’s standards. “This was a major advance forward, and Kamala Harris demonstrated genuine administration by going first in intruding on the hearing. Presently we require different Democrats who aren’t on the board to talk up and restrict this chosen one, as well,” Brian Fallon, executive of Demand Justice, an enemy of Kavanaugh gathering, told the outlet.

By not arranging a walkout, nonetheless, Democrats likewise enabled themselves to wind up some portion of the procedure and barbecue Kavanaugh in the up and coming hearings, planning to activate resistance to his nomination.

The obstructionist strategies, which will without a doubt help a few legislators’ notorieties among the undeniably liberal base, may in any case blowback with regards to the affirmation of Kavanaugh.

Democrats at last need to persuade direct Republicans to vote against Kavanaugh’s affirmation. Gold country Sen. Lisa Murkowski, one of the swing votes that could stop the designation, rejected Tuesday’s dissents as “a considerable measure of show,” as indicated by the outlet.

In the interim, another viral minute from Tuesday’s listening ability – when Fred Guttenberg, father of Jaime Guttenberg who was killed in the Parkland shooting, was seen moving toward Kavanaugh for a handshake, just for the candidate to leave – likewise was the consequence of some arranging.

The panel’s best Democrat, Sen. Dianne Feinstein, tweeted that she welcomed Guttenberg to sit in the gathering of people.

“He knows firsthand how Brett Kavanaugh’s outrageous perspectives on firearms could prompt more slaughters,” tweeted Feinstein, who has since a long time ago advocated weapon control measures.

In any case, Guttenberg said it was his choice to approach Kavanaugh.

“I started a push to acquaint myself with Kavanaugh. It was my choice and I possess it. Anybody endeavoring to concoct some political end-all strategy is essentially wrong,” he tweeted.”

The Democrat Party made a tremendous erroneous conclusion when they chose to go up against Kavanaugh. They suspected that by doing as such the American open would turn on Republicans and all the more critically, President Trump. Yet, the American open isn’t dumb despite the fact that they chose a fake like Barack Hussein Obama twice, they made sense of the trick the left was running and many are currently vowing to never vote Democrat again.

What we saw this previous week isn’t the finish of the Trump Presidency the same number of on the left were stating. What we saw was the plausible end of the Democrat Party and their frightfulness.

I’ve constantly heard the platitude, “Don’t toss stones when you live in a glass house.” Well, when your gathering commended somebody like Bill Clinton and Ted Kennedy perhaps they ought to have simply be calm and voted. Like the Republican Party did with both Kagen and Sotomayor.



  1. Joan E Bartelson

    September 30, 2018 at 7:59 pm

    Dump the Devil Dems.

  2. Marilyn Vellner

    September 30, 2018 at 8:17 pm

    I am voting Red too!!!!

  3. Joann Hinton

    October 1, 2018 at 4:36 am

    Most people to mot of using personal attacks on a good person with inprovable attegstions. A campaign to destroy someones life for political reasons does not set well with the citizens of this country. They have lost all their morals and integrity.

  4. Becky Fleming

    October 1, 2018 at 1:34 pm

    Don’t vote for a party. Vote for your values!

  5. Dennis Robertson

    October 1, 2018 at 1:50 pm

    I have voted for a couple of Democrat Presidents before but will Never Vote for another Democrat!

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