Ex-FBI Agent Just Pointed Out HUGE Problem on Kavanaugh Accuser’s Polygraph [email protected] news

The left has made a lot out of Christine Blasey Ford taking a polygraph test and as far as anyone knows passing it. One moment… there are a couple of things amiss with that commence. With the left, isn’t there dependably?

Polygraph tests are famously untrustworthy. Numerous individuals can diversion them. That is the reason they are not lie-identifier tests as the left would have you accept. James Gagliano, a previous FBI specialist who drove a SWAT group in New York for quite a long while and now educates at St. John’s University, revealed to Fox News “polygraph exams can be beaten.” That’s additionally why they are for the most part not permissible in court as proof.

“For this situation, in the event that they need to put this out as obvious proof that this lady is coming clean since she passed a polygraph — that is not the manner in which polygraphs work,” Gagliano included. “In the event that that were the situation, I would’ve taken each street pharmacist, gangbanger, and pedophile I explored, and I would’ve tossed them on the polygraph.”

Gagliano, who said he was subjected to a few polygraphs at the FBI yet never controlled one himself, said individuals can now and again pass polygraphs in the event that they’ve persuaded themselves they are coming clean: “It is anything but a lie on the off chance that you trust it,” he said. It additionally relies upon how the inquiries are worded.

“Everybody knows polygraph exams can be beaten,” Gagliano included. “On the off chance that somebody is a maniac or a sociopath, in the event that you don’t have a still, small voice, on the off chance that you don’t know ideal from wrong — you can beat it.”

Sen. Lindsey Graham is asking why Ford took that polygraph only not long after sending her letter to Feinstein. The letter was sent in July and toward the beginning of August, Ford took the polygraph. For what reason would she do that in the event that she wasn’t opening up to the world over it? She as far as anyone knows needed this kept private, in any case, which doesn’t agree with her activities here.

The consequences of the Aug. seventh polygraph have now been discharged by Ford’s lawyers. The test was directed by previous FBI operator Jeremiah Hanafin. It occurred at the Hilton Hotel in Maryland. Quite noteworthy for a lady who professes to fear flying and lives in California. Why Maryland? It could have simply been done in California. Except if obviously, she was meeting with abnormal state Democrats to dispatch her assault.

Hanafin initially permitted Ford and her lawyer Lisa Banks to meet in private to detail a transcribed proclamation that Ford marked and gave Hanafin when he came back to the room. Her announcement was her memory of the occasions that occurred on the date she can’t recollect, at a place she can’t recall, with individuals she continues getting incorrectly and who don’t back up her variant of the story.

At that point, without Banks present, Hanafin talked with Ford about the day of the supposed attack, as per the report. In Ford’s manually written explanation, she composes that “there were 4 young men and two or three young ladies” at the gathering. In any case, in her letter, Ford gave an alternate bookkeeping, composing that the social occasion “included me and 4 others.”

The majority of the observers Ford hosts recognized at the get-together, including Kavanaugh, Judge, and another colleague, Patrick Smyth, have prevented learning from securing the supposed strike under punishment of a lawful offense in explanations to the Judiciary Committee. A fourth observer, Leland Ingham Keyser, says she doesn’t know Kavanaugh or recollect being at the gathering with him.

There were just two inquiries in that polygraph test: “Is any piece of your announcement false?” and “Did you make up any piece of your announcement?” Kavanaugh was not said by any stretch of the imagination. More often than not, analysts solicit an arrangement from insignificant inquiries to set up a pattern physiological reaction, which recognizes double dealing when important inquiries are inquired. That didn’t occur here and this is suspect as a result of it.

From Fox News:

“The test estimated “thoracic and stomach breath, galvanic skin reaction, and heart movement,” Hanafin wrote in the report.

“The previous FBI operator at that point ran the aftereffects of Ford’s two “no” reactions through three separate scoring calculations, including one created by Johns Hopkins University. Every one of the three calculations presumed that Ford’s reactions did not demonstrate obvious misdirection, with one putting the likelihood that she was lying at .002 and another putting it at under .02.

“Specialists reached by Fox News cautioned against perusing excessively into the aftereffects of polygraph examinations.

“It’s not the consequence of the polygraph; it is the thing that polygraph subjects say amid the polygraph meet that is most significant,” said Thomas Mauriello, an instructor in criminology at the University of Maryland who filled in as a senior polygraph inspector at the Defense Department.

“The consequence of a polygraph essentially is whether you did or did not react to a specific inquiry. A reaction isn’t a lie, in light of the fact that the polygraph isn’t a lie identifier as most think,” Mauriello included. “A reaction is the enactment of your thoughtful sensory system while noting an inquiry amid the examination.”

“In their letter to Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, Ford’s legal advisors demonstrated that they would not discharge Ford’s restorative records as he asked for, refering to security. Portage had given The Washington Post the consequences of obviously a similar polygraph examination prior this month, and also notes from her specialist sessions in 2012.

“General society arrival of the reports comes only one day before a planned hearing Thursday, at which Ford is relied upon to affirm alongside Kavanaugh about her charges. The Senate Judiciary Committee has planned a Friday vote on whether to prescribe Kavanaugh’s affirmation to the full Senate, even as extra uncorroborated assertions against Kavanaugh surfaced Wednesday.”

The test most likely cost more than $1,000 and we don’t know who paid for it yet. “In the event that Ms. Passage truly did not have any desire to approach, never planned to approach … for what reason did she pay for a polygraph in August, and for what reason did she procure a legal counselor in August? What’s more, who paid for it?” Sen. Graham inquired. Phenomenal inquiry.

Portage’s believability here is Swiss cheddar. A polygraph does not change that. She might be fanciful and truly accept what she is stating. That doesn’t mean it’s valid. The left is utilizing her as a weapon to bring down Kavanaugh. The hearing today will settle nothing… it is “he said – she said” and an exercise in futility. Kavanaugh’s affirmation vote tomorrow can’t come soon enough.



  1. Carmen Fructuoso-Canter

    September 28, 2018 at 8:24 pm

    I believe the Judge. God bless the Judge!

  2. john j pongonis

    September 29, 2018 at 8:16 am

    Dr. Ford has lied confidently enough that she believes it herself!


    September 30, 2018 at 3:19 pm


  4. Lorine Shannon

    October 4, 2018 at 11:19 pm

    They found that her best friend worked for the FBI and that Ford has ties with them as well. She said she wrote that letter that Feinstein had while she was alone but they figured out that she was with her FBI friend when it was composed. Her ex also witnessed her help her friend pass a polygraph. I believe she was the FBI’s insurance policy.

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