Dan Bongino Starts Online War With The Socialist Party After Calling Jim Carrey An Idiot

On a recent episode of Bill Maher’s show, famous Hollywood actor Jim Carrey defended socialism. “We have to say yes to socialism — to the word and everything.

We have to stop apologizing,” said Carrey.

Former Secret Service Agent and Conservative commentator Dan Bongino fought back against Carrey in a segment on NRA TV.

He argued that Carrey doesn’t understand what socialism actually is.

“By the way, the Canadian system may be ‘socialized,’ but it is not socialism. Socialism has a specific definition, of which Jim Carrey’s unfamiliar because he’s an idiot.” said Bongino.

From there the Socialist Party’s twitter took up the fight for Jim Carrey, claiming it is actually Bongino who doesn’t understand socialism.

The Socialist Party twitter argued that Venezuela was never actually socialist. Instead they believed in ‘statism’.

““Government control of the means of production” is NOT socialism. Stop calling others idiots when you don’t know what it is yourself,” tweeted The Socialist Party.

But then the Socialist Party tweeted something very extreme. That all work will become voluntary. “All work will be voluntary.

Money will be obsolete. When a society collectively owns the means of production and distribution, then it will also own all the goods and services being produced.

No one has to pay for what they already collectively own,” tweeted the Socialist Party.

Bongino responded to this with ridicule. He shared the tweet with a bunch of laughing/crying emojis.

Bongino wasn’t the only one to respond to The Socialist Party’s twitter. “This is absolutely absurd.

“All work is voluntary” ummmm ok I volunteer not to work and just take the free stuff…k thanks!” tweeted author Katie Thulin.

How do you feel about socialism? Did Dan Bongino respond properly? Or should he have done more? Check out the video below.

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