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Like many decent people from both parties, I have been disgusted by the unsubstantiated 36 year old smears aimed at Brett Kavanaugh. We live in a country where innocent until proven guilty is supposed to mean something; yet Brett Kavanaugh’s reputation is being dragged through the mud while his family is facing non-stop death threats.

This is a horrible way to treat a good man who has dedicated his life to public service. So many unethical people are giving unprovable 36 year old accusations the same weight as 6 FBI background checks, hundreds of hours of hearings and testimony under oath. It is disgraceful.

What I’d like to do is raise money for Brett Kavanaugh’s family to use for security or however they see fit. All of the money collected will go to Brett Kavanaugh’s family or alternately, if they refuse to accept it, to a charity of their choice. I have already reached out to a contact who should be able to put me in touch with Brett Kavanaugh’s family. If he can’t do it, I have plenty of other contacts who should be able to make it happen. I will update this page after I have talked with his family.

I hope you will show your support for a good man who has been treated very, very badly.

Update: I have heard some people say that Brett Kavanaugh is rich and so his family doesn’t need the money. That’s actually not correct. According to Market Watch, “Brett Kavanaugh may become the ‘poorest’ Supreme Court justice .”

Update #2: Some people have asked who I am and how they know that the Kavanaugh family will get the money. My name is John Hawkins. You can read about me on the about page of React . My twitter account is here  and my weekly columns at PJ Media are here . I am not someone who can fade into the background, so when I tell you that they will decide what happens to the money, that is what will happen. All funds will be held by GoFundMe until the family has been contacted and a clear plan has been agreed upon.

Update #3: I’ve reached out to Kavanaugh’s family through three different people and I also called his office and spoke to a secretary about this today. I will let everyone know after I have gotten in touch with them.

Update #4: I have a well connected contact who says he can get me in touch with Kavanaugh’s team. When I have guidance from Kavanaugh’s family, I will update. Also, congrats on taking this fund raiser over $50,000 while judge Kavanaugh was giving his powerful testimony during the hearing. I’m proud of the success we’ve had and the support we’ve shown for the judge’s family.



  1. Sandra Schmidt

    September 29, 2018 at 6:56 am

    Lets start a gofundme page.

  2. tony crivello

    September 30, 2018 at 1:31 am

    i`m so tired of the liberal ways i can`t wait till they all go to sleep. get a job, dress up and show up, not in front of traffic on the 405 but at a job site , that will me you accountable for your actions, be part of the solution not the problem, wake up , you don`t have to follow, you can lead if you willing to , liberals want you as a pawn, they use you and dispose of you just as quick., i love mr TRUMP not cause i`m a follower cause i can decide for myself what is right and wath is wrong, i don`t need a dumb ass politician to show me the way , i don`t even read books unless they have torque specs . all i need politicians is to pass bills into law that make sence and the law officers to uphold it, i don`t want the wild wild west, but obama managed to install a big target on law inforcement , asshole

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