After CNN’s Jim Acosta Threatens Sarah Sanders Off Camera, She Shuts Him Up ‘For Good’@MARYLAND NEWS

Sarah Huckabee Sanders told the press pool that during a bill signing by the president there would be no questions because it was not a “press conference.” Well, leave it to CNN’s Jim Acosta to scream a question and then threaten the White House press secretary off camera, which Sanders dealt with by shutting the fake news hack up “for good.” Sarah Sanders has had numerous “run-ins” with the fake news hack during press conferences, but now, we find out that she blasted him right before the president came out to sign an important bill. Twitchy reports, “Sarah Sanders was very clear on the intent of this bill signing, and that it was not a presser, and Jim Acosta decided to be a big baby and make a spectacle of himself anyway.” Acosta didn’t like Sanders telling him to shut his trap and that the bill signing was not for reporters to ask questions.

He told the press secretary that he would ask questions if he wanted to, which is not the “proper etiquette” for reporters assigned to the White House, and Acosta knows it.

If Sarah Sanders decides to oust Acosta from the White House pressers, and she can, it would be utterly devastating to his career.

Sanders will expel Acosta and ban him from White House press conferences.

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